60 Year Old Man Gets Bitten By A Snake So He Bites It Back. They're Both Dead.

(Source)A 60-year-old man died from a snake bite in Gujarat’s Mahisagar district but not before he bit back and killed the reptile too, a village official said Monday. The incident happened on Saturday afternoon in Ajanwa village in Santrampur tehsil, said the head of the village, over 120 kilometres from Gujarat’s Vadodara. “Parvat Gala Baria was standing near a spot where maize was being loaded from a field onto a truck. A snake slithered out and while others there ran away, he continued to stand claiming he had caught snakes earlier,” the village head said. “He grabbed the snake which retaliated by biting him on the hands and face. However, Parvat bit back and killed the snake too,” he said.

FUCK YES Parvat Gala Baria! That’s how you battle! Snakes have had it too good for too long on this planet. They’ve been slithering around like they’re the cock of the walk, knowing that they’re probably humanities number one answer when asked, “What’s your greatest fear?” Pop culture has romanticized them for ages, ranging from badasses like Indiana Jones being terrified of them to He Who Shall Not Be Named kinda being one of them or whatever. Snakes have always been the apex predator in their mind. Well, no longer. Now when you bite we bite back. Humans are finally on the board when it comes to biting snakes to death and that’s undoubtedly gonna be on their minds the next time they try and roll up on you. Every day you don’t get bit remember to thank Parvat Gala Baria for letting snakes know humans are not to be trifled with.


Also, this dude was loading maize? If you’re still fucking with maize I feel like you’re asking for trouble. I’m pretty sure it’s just a different word for corn but if you ask me what kinda stuff happens to people who dabble in maize I’d say smallpox and getting killed by animals.

PS  – Shoutout Nate Bargatze and one of my favorite bits of his, which is about snake attacks