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City Of Davenport To Pay An Almost Deaf Guy $49,900 Because Police Officer Purposely Knocked Softly On Man's Door When Responding To Call So Man Wouldn't Hear Him


DAVENPORT, IowaThe city of Davenport has issued an unusual apology to a former alderman after a police employee was caught on tape saying that he intentionally knocked softly on the hearing impaired man’s door when responding to a service call. The Quad-City Times reports the city will also pay Keith Meyer $49,990, just below the $50,000 threshold for payments that must be approved by the city council. The out-of-court settlement stems from a disclosure made during Meyer’s trial last year on a misdemeanor charge of assault for allegedly pointing a gun at a neighbor. Meyer was acquitted. A recording from an officer’s microphone caught an unidentified civilian employee say that when he went to Meyer’s house to respond to a damage complaint, he knocked softly so Meyer wouldn’t hear him.

Read the summary of that article again.  How confusing is that?  Melted my brain when I first read it.  They couldn’t have made it more confusing.  I read the article at least 20 times before I even started to understand what happened.  I’m still not sure I know what the fuck happened.  From what I understand a cop was being a lazy bum, didn’t want to respond to a call so when he went up to the guy’s door he knocked super soft so the guy wouldn’t hear him.  Protect and serve, indeed.  The cop then pulled the genius move of admitting what he did while being recorded so now the City of Davenport has to pay 50K to the deaf guy.  That has to be hands down the weirdest way anybody has ever gotten $50,000.