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Walk The Line: What's the most overrated sports movie?

I had a mini-AMA on today’s episode of Walk The Line, where I was peppered with questions like “Do you cut your own hair, squid?” and “Why did your wife marry you?”

That second question came from my wife, so I brushed it off. But one question was thought-provoking. What’s the most overrated sports movie?

After deep thought and stroking my 12-year-old-boy-discovering-the-world beard, I decided it’s Rudy.

Everybody loves Rudy. Hell, I love Rudy. But as a movie, it’s not all that great. The last 40 minutes are fantastic. Once he gets to Notre Dame and gets on the team, I’m all in. But the hour before that is just boring. So the answer is Rudy.

I dove into the deep end Wednesday night. Wanting to avoid another 2-2 night where I simply tread water, I decided to get crazy with underdogs. I hit on Orioles +160 but came up short elsewhere.


But tonight, I’m fine. I’m in the right mindset.

I’ve got four winners that will give me a commanding lead over Mush.

Up first, in San Francisco, two aces will face off when Noah Syndergaard and Madison Bumgarner open a series between the Mets and Giants. Both are great, but the Giants have been hot and these two teams scored 12 runs when these two pitches squared off at Citi Field last month. Over 7 is the pick.

Other picks from Walk The Line:

DBacks ML (-110) over Brewers

Cardinals-Reds under 10

Tigers-Indians under 9