Dude Gets Knocked Out BIG TIME In Front Of A Red Lobster In Times Square

I’m gonna say Brian is not alright. Brian might be dead, I really hope he’s not, but he might be. The video shows no confirmation whatsoever that he’s alive unless you count convulsions as a sign of life. Given the evidence we have, I’d lean towards death. Anyway, I don’t know why, but getting knocked out in front of a Red Lobster in Times Square makes the knockout even more embarrassing for the guy. It’s never a good look to get knocked but getting slept in front of a chain restaruant in the middle of Times Square is just sad. But hey, if nothing else, those tourists in Times Square got a nice meal and a show without having to pay top dollar on Broadway. That’s all you can ask for. That’s New York City in a nutshell, that’s the whole experience.

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