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I Need This 80s-Style Stranger Things Anime Cartoon To Become An Actual Netflix Series

I’ll admit that when I first saw this video, I was going to say they need to make it into a Saturday morning cartoon. But I’m pretty sure Saturday morning cartoons are deader than Barb’s ass. But the point remains that a Stranger Things cartoon needs to be created. You don’t have to worry about the cute kid actors growing like weeds and entering their awkward years like pretty much the entire Stark family did in Thrones if they are cartoons. And the 80s vibe of that video scratched the nostalgia itch that the Duffer brothers have CRUSHED in all 3 seasons of Stranger Things since I was catching vibes of another 80s anime classic (Thundercats) during that entire clip.

I guess you can make a case that if season 4 wraps up everything perfectly with a nice little bow, there will be no need for any more Stranger Things content. But I think the Stranger Things universe is prime for growth once we met Kali with her merry band of misfits in Pittsburgh. And even though we are already three seasons into Stranger Things, I don’t think any of us know exactly what the fuck is going on with the Upside Down and the Russians and all that mumbo jumbo. Plus I’m sure Netflix doesn’t mind printing a shitload of money every time they drop a new Stranger Things season. I’d be down for some sort of real life spinoff outside of Hawkins as well.

But considering how awesome that fanmade video was, there is no reason a cartoon shouldn’t be a possibility. Who doesn’t want to see Eleven fuck up a bunch of monsters with her brain or the re-introduction of some relics from the 80s being brought back 30+ years later. And if they do a cartoon, I’d actually have no problem if stupid Barb was in it almost playing the Slimer role in The Real Ghostbusters (another 80s classic I got vibes from here) as long as Barb was completely ignored in every scene she is in, which would hilariously only piss off the #BarbHive even more.


If you want more Stranger Things talk, I joined KFC and Feitelberg on Robbie Fox’s podcast My Mom’s Basement for a deep dive about all of Stranger Things 3 and what we hope will be coming up in the future for the show.