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This Sean Burke Story About Don Cherry On Spittin Chiclets This Week Absolutely Broke My Heart

This week’s ep of Spittin Chiclets was a must listen for me. I grew up on Sean Burke and the Whalers. That was prime time 90s Chief. Just loving the Whale. Geoff Sanderson, Pat Verbeek, and Sean Burke were my guys. The interview didn’t disappoint until Sean Burke dropped one little nugget that dropped my jaw. Don Cherry INTENTIONALLY gets all of those names wrong during Hockey Night In Canada. He writes them down wrong so he remembers to say them incorrectly during the broadcast.

This lovable, senile, old man who can’t be bothered to say ANYONE’S name correctly unless it’s Sidney Crosby has been intentionally getting these names wrong and studying to make sure he gets them wrong. It’s alllll part of his act. A character. For someone like me who loves Don Cherry this was like finding out that your parents got those presents for you on Christmas morning and not Santa. You still love your parents, you still love the presents, but the magic of Christmas morning is gone because you know the truth.

There is only one man in show business we can trust at this point. “Honest” Dave Portnoy