Grading the Newest Sex Scandal Teacher

MinnesotaA married teacher’s aide facing sex allegedly allowed herself to be filmed being fondled by a teenager at her school. Terina Ann Parr, 44, is also alleged to have inappropriately touched the teen and kissed him when they were alone. The student, 17, told police he filmed himself touching Parr’s breasts so that he would ‘have proof.’ Police in Fertile, Minnesota, said the video was later deleted after Parr gave the teen $120 after he started showing it to friends… Deputy Randy Lee said the student told him Parr kissed the student on the lips and later put her hands ‘inside his pants and touched his privates.’ … Several students told deputies they saw the video of the student touch Parr’s breasts. Parr said the student, one of several she was assigned to assist, had ‘made advances to her in the past,’ and had exposed himself to her, and placed her hand ‘on his privates. ‘…Parr’s lawyer said she will be exonerated once all the evidence is known. Blair Nelson said: ‘We believe once the evidence comes out in this case, it will turn out Mrs. Parr was the victim of sexual misconduct by the student in this case,’ Nelson said.

Most of these Sex Teacher Scandals are pretty cut and dried.  The teacher is horny for a teenage sex partner.  The kid is horny for anything.  Everybody wins until the cops show up.  But not this one.  This is your classic his-word-against-hers scenario.  Or better yet, it’s a Roshomon situation, named after the groundbreaking Japanese film in which several people recount the same incident in vastly different ways according to how they saw it. Just gray areas all over the place here.  Because one man’s “she let me feel up her boobs while I taped it and showed it to my friends until she paid me to delete it” is another woman’s “he felt up my boobs then while he taped it and showed it to his friends until I paid him to delete it.”  Who’s to say who’s right and who’s wrong here?  All we know for sure is that once the kid deleted that video, everybody won.

The Grades:
A post-shooting Gabby Giffords?  Or Charlie’s mom from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia?  Either is not good. If I was one of this kid’s buddy’s, I would’ve kicked in to get him to delete the video.  Grade: D
Moral Compass/Bad Judgment:
In class porn is always good.  Cash bribes.  Make out sessions and hand jibbers are a plus.  But it’s hard to get too worked up over what is, let’s face it, freshman-level heavy petting.  Terina’s going to have to step up her game to rate any kind of a decent grade here. This isn’t “Grading the Grope Scandal Teacher.” Grade: C
They had me at “Fertile, Minnesota.” Then a deputy investigating a Teacher Sex crime is named Randy and it pretty much locks up a Grade: A
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