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Ohio Man Gets Arrested For Locking Himself In A Hot Car To Avoid Having Sex With His Girlfriend

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SOURCE – WARREN, Ohio – Warren police have filed charges against man who told police he locked himself in a hot car during Thursday’s hot weather to avoid having sex with his girlfriend.

Twenty-four-year-old Khrystian Collins is charged with obstructing official business, resisting arrest, trespass, and domestic violence.

According to a police report, a 24-year-old woman called officers to her South Feederle Drive home Thursday afternoon because Collins had locked himself inside her Kia Optima and refused to get out of the car.

The first officer to arrive spoke to Collins through a passenger side window that was cracked open a few inches.

The report says Collins told the officer that he locked himself in his girlfriend’s car because she always wants to have sex and it was too hot in the apartment.

Police say the girlfriend confirmed Collins’ story, saying he ran out of the apartment because he didn’t want to have sex with her.

More officers arrived, including a police supervisor who tried to coax Collins out of the car.

The report says Collins rolled up the window as the police supervisor reached inside to unlock the door.

The officer managed to unlock the door and police pulled him out of the car after he refused to budge.

Collins, who told police he was injured, was first taken to St. Joseph Hospital for treatment before being booked into jail.

Because the girlfriend told police that Collins threatened to hit her, he was also charged with domestic violence.

Collins pleaded not guilty to the charges during a video arraignment in Warren Municipal Court Friday.

Another court hearing is scheduled for September.

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This gif relays my thoughts when I read this story more than anything I could possibly write to try and explain it. This is one of the wilder stories you’ll see.

To break it down this 24 year-old (I can attest to how horny 24 year-olds are) felt so pressured to have such an egregious amount of sex with his girlfriend that he felt his only way out was to lock himself in a stranger’s car in the middle of the summer with no AC. People go to jail for leaving babies and dogs in these situations and this man willingly trapped himself inside a glorified prison hot box to avoid having sexual intercourse with his own girlfriend. Maybe it’s just a sick, twisted sexual fantasy but my instincts seem to point me in the direction that this man was potentially fearful for his  own life.

I have so many questions to ask about this. How much sex was she trying to have? How much sex was he providing her with that wasn’t enough? What was he thinking jumping in his girlfriend’s car? Running away from her and going to her car doesn’t seem like the most productive away to get away from the situation. Thank god it wasn’t my car I couldn’t imagine how I’d react. You start yelling at the dude to get the fuck out of your car and he rolls down the window an inch to respond “Not until you get her away from me! She won’t stop sucking my dick, I can’t take it anymore!!!!!” Talk about a good problem to have. I think this is what they really meant when someone came up with the term “Embarrassment of riches”.

You really hate to see stuff like this. A young couple forced to break bonds over their love just being too passionate for one of the parties to handle. A god damn shame. I really hope they can work things out in the future. I’d suggest maybe communicating with one another and coming to terms on a proper number of times to fuck per day/week that can work well with both of their schedules and sexual desires. The only way out is through. Apparently the only way out of sex is through locking yourself in your girlfriend’s car. I guess at the end of the day his plan worked because he left without having the sex he was dreading. I wonder if he would trade being in jail to bump uglies just one more time with the ole lady. Unfortunately, we may never know.