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What The Hell Do Morning People Do In The Morning?

Life style and holiday concept, Back side of Asian man in bathrope suit when waking up from the bed in luxury hotel in morning

I’ve got a problem. I’ve got many, but there is one really fucking me up right now.

Somehow, someway I have become a morning person.

I don’t know what it was that brought this on, in fact I very recently wrote a blog about how if you’re not staying up until three AM and getting drunk off the silence of the night then you’re fucking up, but a switch has been flipped. It could be old age, it could be that the dopamine is hitting me right lately, whatever it is I have developed healthy sleep patterns. I get tired at 10:30 or 11 PM, fall asleep, and wake up without an alarm clock at like 6:30 or 7. I’m not all that upset about it, I’m undoubtedly in a better mood this way, but I’m just bored as hell now.

You see, when you’re up late at night you can just watch TV and not feel like a drain on society because you’ve got no more chores left to do that day, when you’re up in the morning you know you’ve still got to summit the mountain of a day so you really feel worthless laying on the couch and watching Netflix. This morning I got up early, made my own breakfast, worked out, read (Cruising Paradise by Sam Shepard at the moment, can’t recommend it highly enough), looked at the clock and it was quarter to eight. Now I don’t even know if content people are allowed at HQ before 10 AM and I have no desire to find out and set a dangerous precedent, so you can see the predicament I found myself in.

So morning people I come to you hat in hand, begging for, I guess, a hobby? What am I supposed to do in the morning because today I legit cleaned and I’m not gonna keep doing that bullshit? Do I have a kid? Is that the reason people get up long before they have to be at work? Only thing that makes sense to me.