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Woman's Will Leaves $1.8 Million Mansion To Her Dog Instead Of Her Two Sons


YahooTalk about a lucky dog. Bella Mia, a three-year-old Maltese terrier, will inherit a Florida house worth about £1 million – that’s $1.8 million CDN – when her owner, Rose Ann Bolasny, dies, leaving her two sons, aged 32 and 38, out in the cold. “Prior to [changing my will] I discussed having Bella Mia included in the trust fund with my sons and they totally understood,” Bolasny told The Daily Mail. “I explained to them that I know they love Bella Mia very much but I wanted to make sure if anything happened to us she was taken care of in the way that she’s used to.” Currently, Bolasny’s pampered pooch lives quite a life of luxury. She has a $100,000-a-year allowance to pay for weekly pedicures, trips to the groomer and shopping sprees for designer brands.

It is so gosh darn hard to figure out who I hate the most in this story. The lady because she’s giving a $1.8 million mansion to a dog? The 32 and 38-year-old sons because they are totally fine with their mommy being a complete bat shit crazy psychopath? Or this fucking dog because I’m legitimately jealous of her life and she is richer than I’ll ever be? Don’t get me wrong, I love dogs. Think they’re better than people. But fuck this dog. She has a $100,000-a-year allowance. ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND U.S. LEGAL TENDER. That is absurd. I have no idea what the hell I would do with myself if I got my hands on that type of money, and here’s this little pup basically having some servant wipe her ass with hundred dollar bills on the regular. But I can’t really hate the dog that much because its not like she chose this life.

So that’s why I hate the sons the most out of everyone in this story. Chances are the mom had to cut them out of the will because they were planning on killing her so they could move into the mansion a little earlier. So that’s strike 1 against these clowns. Strike 2 is the assumption that if the dog has a $100,000-a-year allowance, these shmucks are probably working with something around $100,000-a-month. They’ve never had to write a blog a day in their life. And strike 3 will be the update on this story that I write in a few weeks when we learn that the sons killed the dog to get themselves back in the will. If you wanna kill the mom, that’s fine by me. But don’t kill an innocent puppy.