BC Star RB AJ Dillon Is Obsessed With Apple Sauce, Loves Putting It On Mac & Cheese

Screen Shot 2019-07-17 at 2.18.07 PM

AJ Dillon is a star. There are other “better” RBs in college football, but Dillon is one of the most accomplished. Through 2 years, Dillon has 2700 yards rushing and 25 TDs. That would be closer to 3000 and 30 TDs if he didn’t miss 3 games last year. I wouldn’t put him ahead of the likes of Travis Etienne, D’Andre Swift, Jonathan Taylor (more accomplished), and JK Dobbins, but the man is a beast:

I’m an AJ Dillon fan, but after his performance at ACC Media Days, I may have to leave AJ Dillon island:

I like Apple Sauce. I don’t have it on a daily basis or anything, but I’m certainly not against apple sauce. I love Mac & Cheese as well. Putting them two together? Get out of here. That’s psychopathic behavior.

I do respect AJ Dillon admitting this, though. He goes to BC, so there is no surprise that he is a smart man, but I assume he is going for a sponsorship with an apple sauce company.

AJ Dillon. Powered by Motts Apple Sauce. I can see it now.