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"This Is The First Step To A Championship" - Enes Kanter Begins His Celtics Tenure With Cold Hard Facts


The haters out there will laugh at that statement, say how the Celtics are like a 5 seed and have no chance at a championship. But that just shows they weren’t listening. Enes Kanter didn’t say the Celtics were going to win the championship, just that signing a contract was the first step. Find the lie. Tell me what player has won a championship without the process of signing a contract at one point. You can’t. Essentially this is the Celtics plan

Step 1: Tell Kanter they are interested

Step 2: Sign him to a team friendly deal and make sure he accepts whatever role they give him

Step 3: ??????????

Step 4: ??????????

Step 5: Championship

Seems pretty foolproof to me. Now this is just the beginning of what is going to be a pretty eventful day for the Celts. We have this signing, Kemba’s introductory press conference is coming up shortly, and we have news on Grant Williams ditching #40 (shouts Dino Radja) to rock Terry Rozier’s 12

hopefully he has better luck with it because to be honest since Ricky Davis in 2004-06 that number has sneaky been the kiss of death (Allan Ray, Bill Walker, Marcus Landry, Von Wafer, DJ White, Leandro Barbosa, MarShon Brooks, Chris Johnson, Dwight Powell, Brandon Wright, Tayshaun Prince, Terry Rozier).

But back to Kanter for a second. Now that he’s official and the Celts have brought him on board, we now get a little clearer of a picture when it comes to that final roster spot


We have no idea if this ends up being Tacko or a different NBA veteran on a minimum deal but now that their ducks are finally in a row it wouldn’t shock me if we find out fairly soon. Maybe the plan is to have the roster spot be open heading into the season, but we’ll soon get an answer one way or another.

The facts are Kanter helps in areas of need, and as long as Brad can work his magic and make Kanter serviceable defensively, this is the type of low risk signing that you should get behind. My hope is that he embraces being a key offensive option on the second unit, but I honestly think we’re going to see all the bigs on the roster get mixed and matched based on opponents because right now everyone is a big question mark. If Kanter can do for us what he did for the Blazers last season, he’ll fit in just fine