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The City Of Philadelphia Is Continuing Their Crusade Against Homemade Pools


Fox29 – A city councilman is encouraging people to turn in their neighbors not obeying Philadelphia pool laws. The law states that pools with more than 24-inches of water need a permit and anything higher than 48-inches needs a four-foot fence around it.

The pool issue is really heating up with City Councilman Bobby Henon taking to Facebook over the weekend to encourage people to turn in neighbors who are not obeying pool laws.

One girl’s family was reported on Saturday. Her parents received a notice from the city saying they have five days to remove the pool or they could face a fine of $150-2,000.  The family’s pool has since been drained and is being taken down.

I’m not afraid to admit that Philly is the greatest city in the world. People commonly refer to it as the “Paris of Pennsylvania” for a reason. It’s a beautiful city filled with beautiful people. With that being said…I’m also not afraid to admit that Philly has it’s fair share of flaws. Things like, oh I don’t know, the ever growing heroin epidemic and crime rate in the city. So in order to combat those little flaws that our lovely city has, you’d figure that the city government would focus on things like getting drug dealers off the streets and trying to prevent everybody from murdering each other.

Instead? Well instead, the city of Philadelphia is hell-bent on making sure that nobody is out there putting together their own makeshift pools to try to stay cool during the middle of a heatwave.

A couple summers ago it was the dumpster pools. Putting up a dumpster pool in Philadelphia automatically made you Public Enemy #1 in the city’s eyes. But now it’s not even just the dumpster pools. It’s any pool-like structure at all that doesn’t meet the city’s fancy shmancy requirements.

Screen Shot 2019-07-17 at 11.21.15 AM

And yes, above ground pools are disgusting. Nothing says “thinks Olive Garden is considered fine dining” more than an above ground pool. But it’s the principle here.

This is Philly. We’re not New York. We’re not Boston. We don’t need fancy pools or yuppie yacht parties. Get me $250, a dumpster, and a few people who aren’t afraid to think outside of the box. America was essentially founded on those three things alone. Dumpster pools and pools like the one above are essentially the only things left connecting us to what it means to truly be an American. But apparently the government in Philadelphia doesn’t care about that. It just makes me sick.