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In Honor Of Rough N Rowdy Here Are Andrew Shaw's Best Fights

We have Rough n Rowdy coming up this weekend. There is no fight game more entertaining than Rough N Rowdy because the guys have almost ZERO techincal ability and no regard for their own safety. These guys just want to show up and trade bombs until someone drops. That is the beauty of Rough N Rowdy. If you haven’t gotten on board you should sign up now. It’s honestly the perfect way to hang out with your buddies before hitting the town.

If there is one person who embodies the Rough N Rowdy vibe it is Andrew Shaw. He ALWAYS answers the bell. He always puts on a show. He fights for his teammates and for the crowd. And he doesn’t care how many times he gets punched in the face. And it was that way right from the very beginning…his first fight in his first NHL game. Stood up to Zac Rinaldo

I said he does it for the crowd and my heart was shattered when he did it for the fans in Montreal for the first time

Can’t wait to see this in an Indian Head sweater again this year

He does it for the team, he does it for the fans, and sometimes he does it just for himself and you can tell when he fought Antoine Roussel it was personel


When he got traded to Montreal I was hoping that he’d be antagonizing Boston and Brad Marchand every chance he got, but it never really materialized. Probably because Marchand morphed into a top 20 player in the league. The only time they tangled was in the Stanley Cup Final

He did beat the piss out of Torey Krug though

Jerseys changed, but Alex Burrows was still in Andrew Shaw’s crosshairs

I am so ready for hockey. I think we are all going to fall in love with this team and it starts with Andrew Shaw bringing that fire.


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