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Brady and Gisele's Beach PDA Game is at an All Time High

SourceTom Brady’s back under center … in a smoldering beach make out session with his supermodel wife, Gisele!

TB12 loaded up the family and flew to Costa Rica for their annual offseason beach vacation — where the couple proved they’ve still got that fire 10 years after they tied the knot!

38-year-old Gisele showed off her legendary physique in a pretty tiny bikini — while 41-year-old Tom didn’t look too bad either!

In fact, Brady looks like he’s made some gains in the gym since those infamous dad-bod pics from last summer. 

So … you were saying about Tom Brady’s “decline”?

I believe the last time I checked, age was catching up to him. He’d been kicked out da “Superstar Club.” Eagles fans had still not shut up about how his supposed lack of athleticism and terrible hands won them a Super Bowl. Well how do these hands look to you?


With kids, dogs, paparazzi, other beachgoers all over the place. And he still manages to cop the surreptitious feel with the same skills he pulls off the play action fake. That’s dedication. That’s want-to. That’s the result of never being satisfied with ordinary greatness. 99 out of a hundred men would be happy just for the make out session. He’s got to take it to the next level because merely being the GOAT isn’t good enough.

This is one of those moments where you look at other people and wonder how they can be members of the same species of Homo Sapiens that you are. I mean, can you imagine what it would be like to make physical contact with behind like that? It’s flawless. Like if you measured it with lasers calibrated with minute exactness, you’d find it’s two perfect spheres, each with a radius of pi carried out to the millionth decimal. I bet when he puts his hand on it, he can see dimensions that are invisible to the human eye. The fabric of space itself. And backwards and forwards across infinite time, where all of existence is One.

And that’s what he’s going to leave behind to go work on the finer points of Josh McDaniels’ offense in just over a week. Why is he the best there ever was? Because at almost 42 years of age and in spite of all his success, he’s willing to sacrifice this for more of that.