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Mountain Bikers Continue To Dunk All Over The Tour de France And Jump Over Riders Mid-Race

So this has pretty much become an annual tradition. For the past few years, mountain bikers have simply had enough of all those Tour de France nerds getting all the love and publicity in the bicycle riding world. I mean, sure, maybe riding over 2,000 miles through the mountains over the course of 3 weeks is slightly impressive. But where’s the danger? Where’s the gnarliness? Do any of these nerds even know how to properly Send It?

Of course not. Which is why the mountain bikers have been here to reclaim the cycling world and show everybody that riding a bike isn’t just about wearing some goofy spandex uniform and goofy ass shoes that strap into your pedals. Riding a bike is about being a complete and total badass. Riding a bike is about going bike or going the fuck home. So while the whole world watches a bunch of people just riding bikes in a giant cluster like they’re on their way to Sunday brunch, the mountain bikers have decided to steal the show.


Project Bad Ass.

Now here’s the thing–this is a copy cat league. Like I’ve said, mountain bikers have been doing this for at least a few years in a row now. Which means that eventually, BMX riders are going to start to get sick of mountain bikers getting all the glory for jumping the Tour de France. So next thing you know, they’ll be jumping off of some X-Factor ramps and doing backflips over le Tour. And after that, skateboarders will start to get sick of BMX riders getting all the glory, and they’ll start doing kickflips over the Tour de France. Then the Razor scooter crowd. Then the inline rollerbladers. Then it’ll be the parkour people. And so on and so on. Where will it end? Well nobody can say for sure. All I know is that I’m excited to see how far it can go.