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How Shitty Of A Teammate Is Lebron For Partying In Dallas While His Entire Team Is In Phoenix?





The shittiest? No seriously, it’s one thing if he was playing and the Cavs were doing well and he took one night off to jet over to Dallas to watch the Buckeyes. But both those things aren’t true. He hasn’t played in 2 weeks, his team is floundering, 19-19, and their “leader” the guy who put this all together is enjoying himself in a box in Jerry’s World. I’m not trying to be a Hot Take guy here but that is sort of fucked up no? At least sort of stay out of the spotlight. Don’t shove it in everyone’s face that you’re there. If I was Kevin Love or Kyrie Irving I would be pissed. Lebron is basically coming and going as he pleases this season, then when the Bulls or Hawks or Wizards beat them in the playoffs he’ll say they never gelled and need to work on being more of a team. Book it.





Love this guy, Fuck Zoom, just going to get right in Lebron’s earhole.