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Martellus Bennett Went Full Hardo On Kyle Long On Twitter This Morning







I think the word hardo gets overused but I honestly don’t know that a better word fits this exchange. What the fuck is Martellus Bennett even talking about? Social currency? Dude, it’s fucking twitter. You’re literally doing the exact opposite of what you’re saying in your tweets. You have Kyle Long’s number, you can call him and say “hey let’s hang out”, but instead you’re blasting it to the social world and letting everyone know you’re too busy with real life to be following Kyle’s tweets. You know who you sound like Martellus? You sound like our boy Jay Feely and that’s basically the meanest thing I can say about anyone. Get over yourself or better yet, take what should be a private conversation to text message, just like you yourself suggested.







So pumped for John Fox to fix all of this!!!! YAYYYYYY