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Lil Baby And DaBaby Have Joined Forces To Put Out A Song Called "Baby"

This is the pinnacle of rap music. The holy grail. The big shebang. Lil Baby and DaBaby teaming up to make a song called “Baby” is not what the people wanted or needed. It is what the people are absolutely CRAVING. Similar to a junkie feeling the need to stick a needle filled with drugs in their arm, the rap game needed a track from Lil Baby and DaBaby called “Baby”. It’s only right. It’s not even about the content or the context of the song, it’s about what it represents. It represents, growth, harmony, respect, brotherhood, love, peace, friendship and equality. It holds true now and forever that all Baby’s are created equal.

In all seriousness this is two of the hottest rappers in the game right now collabing and the song is a straight up heater. Lil Baby has this insane unique combination of having a great rap voice and being able to catch that mumble rap flow while still speaking clearly enough that you can vibe to the lyrics and not just the rhythm of his voice over the beat. All the loser old heads who say they can’t understand it just open your god damn ears for once. I know your old as shit and all that but turn up your hearing aids or something, my lord. I get if it’s not your style, obviously everything isn’t gonna be for everyone but don’t disrespect the man’s art. I bet everyone was calling the guy who did splatter paint the first time a huge asshole when he came on the scene. Now he’s just throwing paint at walls and getting tossed duffel bags of cash in return from rich people. Think about it.

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Also if you talk shit DaBaby will just beat you up. Don’t take it from me. Just ask the guy who he mollywhopped in a Gucci store a few weeks ago. I still don’t think he’s regained full usage of his brain.

When you see a guy hit someone so hard he knocked their pants off, that’s not the guy to fuck with. That’s UFC knockout power. I’d adore to see DaBaby fight in the octagon. 5’8 and built like a boxer with that type of on-site pedigree and power? I think we may have a future world champion here folks. Or just a platinum rapper. Whatever comes first.