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Ruben Amaro Straight Up Told Ryan Howard The Phillies Don't Want Him On The Team

rh -“We’ve talked to Ryan,” Amaro told 97.5 The Fanatic. “And I told him that, in our situation, it would probably bode better for the organization not with him but without him. With that said, if he’s with us, then we’ll work around him. We’ll hope he puts up the kind of numbers that we hope he can and we’ll see where it goes from there.” This weekend, Amaro stuck to his guns Before attending the 111th annual Philadelphia Sports Writers Association Awards Dinner. “Regret being too honest?” Amaro said via Ryan Lawrence of the Philadelphia Daily News. “I guess sometimes. But I think that if Ryan’s with us, and he’s likely to be with us in spring training, I think Ryan’s got to prove to us that he’s ready to play every day at first base for us. I mean I’m kind of looking forward to him being ready and healthy and contributing. Right now, there’s nobody really that can unseat him. “He’s a more productive player than anybody else we have there right now. But that could change. But he’s going to get every opportunity to play and be our first baseman, and I think that he’s going to be productive. Will he be productive enough to be part of what we want to do moving forward? We’ll see.”

Gather around and cozy up, kids. This dumpster fire is just starting to get warm.

Arguably the most depressing part is Ryan Howard’s about as productive as Christopher Reeve’s dead dick and he’s still the best option for the Phillies at first. That’s not cool. Howard leading the league in K’s was all fun and games when he was mashing 40+ dingers a year. It’s not so cute when he’s hovering around the Mendoza line and CAN’T ADJUST TO AN OFFSPEED PITCH TO SAVE HIS LIFE. CHRIST MAN YOU KNOW IT’S COMING EVERY. FUCKING. TIME. But I digress, even though Howard’s got enough Golden Sombrero’s to make every illegal immigrant in this country feel right at home.

Nothing like having to beg other teams to take a player off your hands then go out and essentially bash him every opportunity you get. Ruben’s gonna make one shitty used car salesman when this organization finally cans his face.

I hate this team.