Kendall Jenner Tries Her Best To Prevent The Lakers Impending Doom

I see what Kendall is doing here. Everyone knows that she is sort of the kiss of death when it comes to dating NBA players and the success of that player’s team. Just ask any Clippers or Sixers fan how those teams fared when Kendall dug her claws into their franchise player. That’s why she’s dong her best to lie her face off with that response. You see, she’s most likely referencing Blake Griffin and Ben Simmons with that 2 out of 5, and hey maybe she’s not “dating”
Kyle Kuzma but I’m pretty sure they aren’t just hanging out and watching movies together ya know? I know I’m washed and not up to speed on what the kids call it these days, but she’s not fooling anyone.

But I get the approach. She lives in LA, she’s going to be courtside at a shit ton of Lakers games so she has to get out ahead of any potential scenario where the Lakers struggle to start the season. I’m sure they’ll take some time to gel, LeBron and AD will sit some games, they’ll realize they still don’t have shooting and maybe they get off to a slow start. Well now you can’t blame Kendall because you heard her, she’s not dating Kyle Kuzma. She doesn’t want the Jenner Curse, something that has claimed victims everywhere it’s been, to be deemed responsible. If you thought Kyle Kuzma already had a ton of pressure to take a leap this season given the Lakers didn’t land a third star, well now he adds being the one to break this hex to the list. I commend his bravery for taking this risk especially with LeBron only having a limited number of years left in the league. I can’t say I blame him though, I think we all agree you go Kendall > helping LeBron win everyday of the week and twice on Sundays.

So while it was a valiant effort my Kendall Jenner to get ahead of this, there’s no chance anyone is buying it. Now, as a reward for clicking on this blog, enjoy


Looks like the sister of Ben Simmons isn’t Kendall’s biggest fan. Wonder why