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Dogs Are The Best, Version 1 Billion: Service Pooch Saves His Master From Having Panic Attack


This is the incredible moment a service dog supports its owner and stops her from having a panic attack.

Footage shows a woman walking back and forth at her house in Ohio as she covers her face with her hands.

She bends over as she repeatedly touches her face.

The moment:

But I highly recommend watching the video in it’s full version because it’s amazing.  There’s nothing better than dogs and that’s just a stone cold fact.  The only bad thing about dogs is that they don’t live long enough.  We get them for anywhere from 8-15 years or so and that’s it.  It’s the worst.  And service dogs are the dog kings of the dog castle.  LOOK AT THIS GUY!  His owner is clearly freaking out and the one and only thing on the planet that could comfort him was his good ol boy coming to save the day.

One of my favorite things on earth to do to pass the time is to scroll down Barstool’s “I Can’t Even” IG page:

It’s the best way to take a shit.  Hot chicks are for the birds.  Gimme the good boys and girls all day every day.

We got some great dogs over at Barstool Chicago too.  He lives with my dad in the burbs, but welcome Guinness to the stage:

Guinness is 1/2 blue heeler, 1/4 black lab, 1/4 boxer.  He loves jumping on the counter to steal food, chasing geese and getting sexually violated by coyotes.  The latter is a true story, my dad caught a coyote attempting to breed with Guinness a few years back and it left him scarred for life.  He’s also my best friend.  If anyone fucks with him that’s not a carnivorous wild animal, I’d kill them.  He also loves destroying upholstery.  The day we got him 7 years ago we came home from the OTB to couch stuffing filling the entire living room because he chewed them all up.  Such a good boy.

Here’s Carl’s dog Scottie Puppen:

Scottie is a Rhodesian Boxer which is an exotic way of saying Very Good Boy.  He’s a really mellow dog because his owner likes to drug him with heavy doses of Urbal Activ CBD oil to get him to chill TF out.  He also loves to shit on the US Soccer Federation’s lawn and get Carl in trouble.  Such an aesthetic pooch.

Chief’s Dog George:

George is the youngest good boy of the bunch.  Just about 6 months old or so.  Believe it or not, he’s 1/2 golden retriever.  They don’t know what the other parts of him are because he has a dead beat dad who hit it and quit it.  We think he’s got some German short hair pointer or coon hound in him though.  He’s a little trouble maker but the good kinda trouble that makes me laugh because it makes Chief miserable here and there.  He’s great at picking up chicks for Dave on Division Street too.

So the moral of the story is this:

Dogs Are Fucking Awesome.  And you can adopt one via many places, including PAWS.  Go introduce yourself to your new best friend today