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SEC Football Refs Join Twitter, Send 1 Tweet And Gets ROASTED With All Their Missed Calls And Being Paid By Bama

Love when this happens. The SEC officials finally decided to join Twitter. We see this all the time. Refs from a league – professionally or in college – will join Twitter to discuss with fans calls during games. Seems harmless. Except fans are nutjobs. So let’s see how the reactions were. You may be shocked to see they were bombarded with missed calls and being called Alabama homers:

I’m a little upset this guy beat me to this tweet. They got a lot of explaining to do to tell me how this isn’t a delay of game. It cost Kentucky a win and snapping the streak before it got to 30 years in a row. Some bullshit.

Classic Alabama joke. Great self-awareness:

Can’t speak for the other two, but uh that first one was clear pass interference. Clear as day. Great call by the refs.

Yep, a whole lot of Alabama hat jokes

The Alabama bag flying out of nowhere was a great touch

Still remember how bad of a call this was. Now, I need to listen to Coach O go off on a ref in real time. I mean completely mic’d up and no censors.

Brandon Walker is probably still losing his goddamn mind over this call

I’m starting to think Alabama DOES get all the calls – remember the Alabama game was the week after this

I need the season to get here. Need to get it here now. SEC football, man. Nothing like it. Some say it just means more.