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A Missouri Woman Hunted Down The Thieves Who Stole Her Car, Waited Until They Went Into Applebees, Then Stole It Back

After a Missouri woman’s car was stolen, she tracked down the suspects via debit and credit card purchases, and they were ultimately arrested.

Danielle Reno isn’t an investigator, but when her car was stolen, she used her best detective skills to bring the vehicle home.

Reno filed a police report for her missing car then took matters into her own hands. She tracked purchases on her debit and credit cards, as well as the activity of her phone, which had all been taken.

“We stalked this lady, literally, for 48 hours. She had no idea what we were doing,” Reno said.

Well, my mother always did say if you want something done right, you need to do it yourself. And no disrespect to the police here, but what are we paying you for?? This woman has zero previous work experience in the field, and she tracked these thieves down no problem. There are stolen cars from years ago that are still missing. It took this lady what, 48 hours? I have nothing negative to say about the thin blue line, but how about we offer this lady a contract? You can never have too many good police.


Jokes aside, this really is quite the vigilante story. She tracked down thieves by using the credit card purchases and phone which they had taken, and then she followed them for 48 hours waiting for the time to strike. First of all, how stupid can these thieves be? Take the car if you must….but I thought the criminal community was smarter than using a stolen cellphone these days. Or even a credit card. Like, that shit is literally tracked instantaneously. So when she found out they were at a gas station, she staked out until they left, and then she got out to investigate.


An attendant at a QuickTrip gas station told Reno the alleged car thieves said they were headed to Applebees, so Reno decided it was time for dinner. When the suspects were busy, Reno slipped out the front door and took back what was hers.

I’m starting to think this lady isn’t as smart as I made her out to be, and the real story here is how stupid the thieves are. Who tells the gas station attendant where they’re going??

“That’ll be $20.” …. “Okay, here you go. We’re heading to Applebees if anyone asks!”

What terrible criminals these folks were. But what a great makeshift cop this lady was. Not only did she steal her car back, she also got them arrested.

The suspects were arrested by deputies with the Clay County Sheriff’s Office. The deputies say they don’t recommend others do what Reno did.

Don’t give me some bullshit about it being unsafe what she did. They’re just scared she’s going to take their jobs!