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Bad News For Shaq Who Now Has To Kiss A Shit Ton Of Feet With Cheese On Them

I bet back when this was filmed in 2004 I imagine Shaq was serious when he said that nobody would ever be able to achieve 4 finals in 5 years after the Lakers were able to do it from 1999-2004. The Kobe/Shaq duo was unstoppable, Phil Jackson was at the height of his powers and really in a post MJ Bulls world nobody was really as dominant. Well now things are a little awkward. Not only has Steve Kerr achieved this impressive feat after making the Finals this past season, but Erik Spoelstra also did it during the MIA Big 3 Era. While Fear Factor is no longer on the air and hasn’t been since 2011, it just so happens that Shaq works on a late night NBA television show that I’m sure would love to put on this type of bit. We’re going to need Shaq to pucker up and put on a show. Line em up and get kissing. Inside the NBA is on late enough at night for that right?

This is where we all need to get this clip in front of Chuck. There’s no way he can let Shaq off the hook with this. I’m not sure when that show returns to our airwaves, but the first chance he gets Chuck needs to bring this up and call Shaq out and tell him to pay up. Shaq seems like a standup guy, a man on real integrity and honor. Sure he made the mistake of saying that statement to a camera on national television but that’s not my problem. Time to buy some cheese whiz, get Kerr and Spoelstra on set and cover all 10 toes in cheese. If that isn’t a segment made for Inside The NBA I don’t know what is.