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NYPD Cops Driving Around Brooklyn Blasting The Darth Vader Theme Music From Their Squad Cars

NY Mag – Tyler Sargent was out for a nighttime run in Prospect Park two weeks ago, at around 9 p.m., when he heard some familiar music in the distance. It was the “Imperial March” — also known as Darth Vader’s theme song — and it was growing louder. That’s when an NYPD cruiser drove by him, “blasting” the song “at a volume that surely must have drowned out any emergencies being dispatched from the Death Star,” Sargent (who happens to be the former bassist for the band Clap Yours Hands Say Yeah) tells Daily Intelligencer.”The cops were laughing like stoned high-school kids as they drove by,” he added.

You know how far some theme music can go? A long fuckin way. When you hear the Jaws theme music, you know you’re about to get eating by a fucking shark. When you hear Enter Sandman, you know Mariano Rivera is about to strike you the fuck out/you know Billy Wagner is about to blow the shit out of a save. When you hear bells, you know the Undertaker is coming to bury you. Whatever is about to go down, its over before it even started when you hear that music.

Well if you live in Prospect Park and you hear the Imperial March, you know you’re about to get racial profiled like a motherfucker. Don’t reach for your wallet or you might get shot! The Po-leece are here! Although, I just don’t know if its good for the NYPD’s target audience. No doubt the Darth Vader theme is a bad ass choice for theme music, but unless you’re trying to scare off all those white comic book sci-fi nerds I dont think that music is gonna resonate. Criminals in Prospect Park would be like “What the fuck is that trumpet song?” But hey, maybe thats the point. Maybe you play some Star Wars music and they’ll never know you’re coming.