Ranking The Five Best Things About North Carolina

****With Rough N Rowdy returning to North Carolina this Friday, this week I’m counting down the best five things about the Tar Heel state. Starting today with #5.****

Bavaria Alps - Herzogstand


If you ask a normal person the advantage of living in the mountains, they’ll probably say something like “better calf definition” or “increased visibility during wartime.” Although these might be true, they just skim the surface of what high altitude life has to offer. As someone who was born and raised in the heart of the Appalachians, I can promise you that the real benefit of mountain living is in life lessons the mountains themselves will teach you.

I lost my first ever vehicle—a used red pickup truck—into the side of a mountain. That was a great lesson. Not only did it teach me the value of safe driving, but it also lessoned the number of cars I had. Critical thinking is another skill I learned from living in the mountains. “Heat rises” is not true. I learned that by critical thinking but also by going up the mountain and feeling colder. Furthermore, some value of mountain living comes in the form of lessons not learned. For example if you are in a school district above 2,000 feet, the science teacher won’t waste your time teaching evolution.

Silhouette Cross On Mountains Against Cloudy Sky During Sunset

However, as good as mountain living is, I’d be a liar if I said it’s all camping and moonshine. To this day I have a leg length discrepancy (my right leg is a few millimeters longer than my left). I figure I got this way from standing sideways in my yard too much during important puberty years.

Overall, the mountains are definitely one of the best parts of North Carolina. That fact really hits you if you drive east into the Piedmont region of the state. There, the drive-thrus aren’t the only thing you’ll want to drive through. Unfortunately, it is in this part of the state where Rough N Rowdy 9 will be held. It’s bad news for the attending crowd, but for people ordering pay per view its just regular news—inconsequential.

Stay tuned this week as I rank the remaining Top 5.

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