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After Vacationing With Olivia Culpo, Christian McCaffrey Is My #1 Fantasy Player In 2019

Barstool has most of the sports landscape covered. One thing we don’t have is a “Fantasy Sports” guy. We tried that whole thing with that guy who grew up on the Upper West Side (last name rhymes with Bappatort) and it didn’t really work. I’m not trying to take over the fantasy sports side of things, but I do want to update the Stoolies on my new #1 player for the 2019 season. Christian McCaffrey. Why? Well, he’s had a hell of a season off the field. He was hitting the weight room hard:


And more importantly, he was hitting the dating market harder:

That like has turned into much more:

SOURCE-Spicin’ things up! Olivia Culpo and NFL player Christian McCaffrey showed off their picture-perfect beach bodies during an outing in Mexico on Tuesday, July 9 — and didn’t shy away from showing a bit of subtle PDA.

If there is one thing I know about Fantasy Football, players life off the field is very important in predicting how they will do on the field.

McCaffrey is getting ready for the season and his significant other, Culpo, shined on South Beach for “Miami Beach Week” (Miami is a fantasy land by the way).


There’s no way walking on the beach with those heels is fun. Absolutely no way.