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Alice In Chains To Remind Everyone They're Still Alive During Halftime Of The NFC Championship Game

SEATTLELong before Jerry Cantrell became the guitarist and songwriter for Alice in Chains, he was a fan of the Seahawks. No, make that fanatic. That was in 1976, when Cantrell was a 10-year-old living Spanaway and the NFL had just awarded an expansion franchise to Seattle. Cantrell’s worlds will intersect on Sunday, when Alice in Chains performs at halftime of the NFC Championship game between the Seahawks and Green Bay Packers at CenturyLink Field. “It’s an honor to be asked to take part in anything to do with the Seahawks,” Cantrell said this week. “I’m always happy to show up and lend a helping hand, absolutely.”

1995 rejoice! Maybe I should dust off those Quicksilver shirts and Billabong shorts I was never too cool to own. Nevertheless, this is a very interesting selection. I don’t hate Alice In Chains by any stretch, but you can’t deny their not exactly halftime material. The Seahawks couldn’t get anyone else? I guess Pearl Jam was too busy being successful.

Yeah, I’m real sure this grunge master was a big time Seahawks supporter growing up just like everyone else in the area. Fanatic my dick.