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Where Did The Herald Dig Up This Harvard Smoke From?

No way this chick really goes to Harvard right?

Boston.com – Watching the final minutes of Harvard’s historic NCAA men’s basket¬ball tournament win on -ESPN International, Staples founder Tom Stemberg was gripped with anxiety. From far and wide, alumni took to social media and congratulated the players. With most Harvard students away on spring break this week and with sports not as central to student life as at other universities, the reaction on campus was more subdued. Fresh from a pickup basketball game at the Malkin Athletic Center, wearing shorts in 35-degree weather, Harvard junior Daniel Cooney of Westchester, N.Y., said he was among a half-dozen students who watched the game on television at Leverett House, which is on campus. He heard the most enthusiasm from alumni on Facebook. “I saw a lot of alumni commenting that it was the first time they could act proud to be a Harvard grad without seeming pretentious,” said Cooney. “As a student, it lets you be proud about Harvard in a way that you don’t have to lie and say, ‘Oh, I go to school in ¬Boston.’?”


For starters let me say this blog has nothing to do with this Harvard smoke.  I just had to post her picture because I refuse to believe anybody that hot goes there.

Anyway I’m rooting for Harvard tonight. I’d love to see them shock Arizona. But this kid Daniel Cooney summed up why everybody fucking hates Harvard so much.

 “As a student, it lets you be proud about Harvard in a way that you don’t have to lie and say, ‘Oh, I go to school in ¬Boston.’?”

I fucking hate when Harvard kids do this. When they pretend they are ashamed to say they go to Harvard because people judge them or some shit like that. Like they don’t love the fact they go to Harvard. Like they don’t want to scream it from the rooftops.  Everybody knows there is no such thing as the Harvard bomb. The only people who think saying you went to Harvard carries so much weight are people who went to Harvard. Hey bro nobody cares. Get over yourself.