Kevin Gates Gives A Hilariously Passionate Description of Rihanna's Forehead

Kevin Gates is one of the all-time characters in rap. We’re talking about the man who claimed he kicked a woman out of his house because she wouldn’t suck his dog’s dick. Such an outrageous move you almost have to respect it. PETA could only dream to have the reputation of loving dogs the way that Kevin Gates does. If dog is man’s best friend it’s about time we started returning the favor. What better way than to show your loyalty then politely asking a women to leave your home because of her unwillingness to dispel oral favors on his four-legged friend.

But this is NOT about that story. This is about his peculiar but hilarious love for Rihannas forehead. Here is his direct quote on the subject from the video above breaking down the lyrics to his song “Push It”.

 “One thing I love about Rihanna is I never looked at the ass,” said Gates in a hilarious manner. “I always look at that fucking cranium, that football helmet that she got on her fucking forehead. I always loved that about that woman. Like, if you get mad at me […] I’ll kiss you on your forehead. ‘Who you getting on with? Who you disrespecting?’ I’ll kiss you on your forehead. Hey, when we get home, I’m gon kiss you on your forehead.”

I can only dream that one day someone will love me as much as Kevin Gates loves Rihanna’s forehead. That is true passionate love. If you watch the clip it is abundantly clear that Kevin Gates has spent a substantial amount of time thinking about Rihanna’s forehead. I love the way he sexualizes it is such a funny way. You could take that sentence, turn it to a mad lib and I promise you would come out with very different body parts than “forehead” but hey god bless ya Kevin Gates, to each his own brother! Only someone with Kevin Gates type of creative prowess can have the wherewithal to look at someone’s beauty past the tits and ass and go straight to that big block above your eyeballs. Ladies, if your man loves your forehead as much as Kevin Gates loves Rihannas, I think you’ve found the one.

“I always look at the (blank), that fucking (blank) that she got on her fucking (blank).”

That should be in the first passage for the official Mad Libs Celebrity X-rated edition. I’m sure a bunch of horny bastards could have a field day with that, especially about the queen, Rihanna. Below are some very erotic pictures of Rihannas forehead I stumbled upon from her instagram.


I think I’m starting to get a lil better at this blogging thing.