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58 Year Old Smoke Mom From New Haven Attempts To Become The Oldest Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model In History

BRANFORD — Jodi Harrison-Bauer, portfolio in hand, headed down to Miami this week to prepare to take her place in line among a sea of 20-something females starting at 5 a.m. on July 12.

The difference? She’s 58 and Sports Illustrated has never featured a swimsuit model over the age of 50 who’s not a celebrity or full-time model.

“I saw there were no specific age categories,” said Harrison-Bauer, mother of Elyssa, 30, a Florida-based marketing & event planner, and Alexis, 26, a New York publicist. “That was my loophole to go for it.”


When they say #Fitspo, it’s not just for the perky little twenty-somethings – it’s Inspo-ration for everyone.  From the Camille Kosteks of the world all the way up to the 58 year old mothers-of-two in New Haven, Connecticut.

That’s why Jodi Harrison-Bauer is on a quest to take over the pages of the biggest swimsuit issue on the planet.  Your dreams don’t die just because you’re closer to death than everyone else in the magazine.

Who’s this old fart? Did you just stagger off the street? Out of a box or something? Who is this worthless bag of bones. Well, this woman, is one of the founders of JodiFit in Branford, Connecticut, Mrs. Jodi Harrison-Bauer.



She’s not just trying to break the box of society – she’s trying to smash that motherfucker.

Owner of JodiFit in Branford, Harrison-Bauer answered SI’s casting call by submitting a video produced by New Haven’s Mike Franzman. She’s intent on representing her demographic and empowering women to “break out of the box society loves to put us in”—coincidentally, her fitness center’s mantra.

“Whether I’m chosen or not. I’m doing this as another way to share who I am and encourage others along the way that it’s not too late to try something new,” said Harrison-Bauer.

“I’m 58 and I’ve never felt so confident in myself. I want to get my message out to all ages, but especially women over 50, to ignore expectations by being bold and stepping out of your comfort zone.”


(via The New Haven Register)