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Nobody Loves Corn On The Cob More Than This Fella Right Here, And That's A Certified Fact

There’s really no….sexy way to eat corn on the cob. There are really only two ways you can go about it. You can either go for the opposite of this dude right here and do your best to eat it cleanly. But the issue there is that it is going to take you so goddamn long to eat the whole thing kernel by kernel to not make a mess. So now you’re practically devoting your entire day to eating this ear of corn all because you don’t want make a mess while eating it. Is that worth all the time it took just to make sure that you don’t end up with corn all over your face? Not so sure.

Or you can go the route that this man chose to go down and that’s just the Full Send. You dig into that ear of corn like the animal you are. It gets everywhere. You end up with shit all in your teeth. But once you go full send on an ear of corn, there’s no looking back. And in the end? I think it’s more rewarding that way. You’re out at the ball game. You’re not at some fancy dining establishment. Who gives a shit if you end up with a face full of butter? If anything, that’ll just help out your tan throughout the day. It’s just that maybe we should all strive to live our lives the way that this man eats some corn on the cob. Don’t give a shit about what anybody else thinks, just go for it. Maybe if we were all a little more like him, everybody would be happy with a belly full of corn and we’d have less people bitching about everything because they’re miserable sacks of shit. Just some *food* for thought there for ya on this Monday afternoon.