New Jersey Devils Mascot Ruins A Child's Birthday, Possibly Life, By Running Through A Glass Window At Birthday Party


I’m sorry but this right here just REEKS of desperation. I have to imagine the past year for the Devils’ mascot has been exceptionally miserable ever since Gritty came onto the scene and completely took the mascot world by craze. I don’t even know if the Devils’ mascot has a name, that’s how irrelevant he is. So for the past year, this poor Devil has just been living in the shadows while Gritty–his division rival–is the talk of the town. Gritty was everywhere last year and the New Jersey Devil finally had enough. He finally decided that he needed to do something big to make a name for himself. And what did he end up doing?

Ruined a child’s birthday by shattering a giant glass window trying to run into it like a jackass. Yikes. I guess that really goes to show you what type of organization the New Jersey Devils are currently operating if their mascot would go to those lengths just to try to take some shine back from Gritty. I mean it makes me sick for sure, but I can’t sit here and act like I’m surprised. I mean these are the Devils after all. The same organization that retired Scott Stevens’ number, a man who made a living off of making predatory hits and elbowing the shit out of opponents’ heads. Scott Stevens was nothing more than a thug on skates, and the Devils treated him like he was god’s gift to hockey. So am I surprised that the Devils’ mascot would take a cheap shot at a glass window like this? Of course not. It’s deplorable, but expected.

By the way–from the looks of all the kids in attendance, this appears to be Jack Hughes’ birthday party.