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This Person Escaping a Raging Elephant Is The Best Backwards Driver In The World And I Won't Hear Otherwise

I cannot imagine driving that well forwards, LET ALONE WITH A GODDAMN ELEPHANT CHASING AFTER ME. Add in the fact that there is a car full of people that would also probably be ended if you mess up. Goodness gracious!!! Can we get this person DIRECTLY into the Secret Service to drive the Presidential limo? I don’t know if they even need to go through a second of training, the resume checks out to me.

You also have to give it to the girl pulling her phone out in the middle of a Jurassic Park like escape from enormous animal death. That’s the content game folks and let me tell you, the guy who DID record this video that she is pulling her phone out in is getting the sweet #pageviews all to himself because he was quicker to the draw.

One turn into a tree and this could have been a lot different…