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Academy Awards Feature All Caucasian Acting Nominations So Naturally #OscarsSoWhite Went WILD


Ummm…wasn’t 12 Years A Slave nominated for a shitload of stuff last year and considered an upset when it won best picture? I guess that’s neither here nor there. Sure, 99% of the Academy is elderly white men who still probably call their black doorman “Boy”. That’s their prerogative. But it’s 2015. If they’re not going to change their set views then those racist geezers need to make an internal Rooney Rule for nominations or something. I’m sure it deserved to be in there more anyway (haven’t seen it yet), but throw the MLK in Selma a bone just to avoid this kind of controversy. Take the easy way out.

That being said, nothing like a good ol’ fashion cracker bashing. Hilarious.