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Chandler Parsons Wants To Make It Clear He's Not Banging Chicks On A Yacht

So you may remember this as the Blake Griffin yacht trip. Some are calling it a reason he won Blake of the Year.


But, I’m starting to think this is a Chandler Parsons run for the money. I mean think about it. Blake is going to dominate the headlines. He’s Blake of the Year. He’s the guy that people recognize right away. Meanwhile, Parsons who banked millions upon millions of dollars gets to slide on it to the party and enjoy these lovely ladies on the yacht.

But, I love the denial here by Parsons. Just a bunch of friends hanging out. Now, this means a couple things. First, I need to get better friends. Second, NBA players hang out with friends way different than me and you. Part of me wishes Parsons was just brutally honest, but I get the denial.

Either way, mark it down. Chandler Parsons did not bang any person on that yacht.

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