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It Wouldn't Be A Playoff Loss Without Some Idiot Regretting His 2015 World Champs Tattoo





This is a new tradition in the sports world I guess. Any time a team is bounced from the playoffs we get all the morons to line up and show us their idiotic world champs tattoos that they will regret for the rest of their life (which I guess is not that different than a regular idiotic tattoo). What I still don’t understand, and have had no one properly explain to me is the upside. What’s the fucking upside of getting this tattoo in August and then somehow getting lucky and being right? You get to tell everyone who asks about your douchey tattoo that you predicted it 6 months in advance? That basically makes you a professional “Cool Story Bro” guy. So not only did you strike out, but you didn’t even swing for the fences, it was to basically have a little anecdote in your back pocket that no one ever wanted to hear. Crushed it man. No Flex Zone indeed.









Deflect your shitty Cowboys Tattoo by wearing female jewelry. Old Hockey Trick.