I Absolutely NEED To Hang Out With This Cobra Snatcher

What a video! This dude was simply just trying to take his bike to the store and had to take care of business first. I bet he didn’t even say a word to his friends about it later that night. Didn’t even mention it. The way he rubs his hands after putting down his Cobra wrangling stick, the way he sets up the snatch, I LOVE THIS DUDE. Just a goddamn surgeon in his element. This dude has no less than 500 venomous captures in his life and I feel alive just watching him.

Given that venomous snakes kill THOUSANDS of people in India and the countries surrounding it every year, I am very glad this video didn’t turn out like the Barstool Outdoors announcement video. I think it would have been a much darker scene. JULY 18.