"God Damn It You Mother Fucker"- Charles Barkley/Anyone Who Has Ever Played Golf

Charles Barkley’s golf struggles over the years are well documented. The only way to describe his golf swing in the past would be a car wrecked mixed with a dumpster fire mixed with natural disaster that killed hundreds of people mixed with a golf swing. Put all those things together and you’d have Charles Barkley’s old golf swing. So you would think, despite him being unhappy with his shot above, he’d still be happy overall with where his golf game is. He can say, “God damn it mother fucker” about that last shot but things are moving in the right direction.

Not only that but look at this

That’s an INCREDIBLE shot given where Charles’ swing once was. But that’s exactly the point. It doesn’t matter if you go from having one of the worst golf swings ever to being able to hit a shot like that, golf is all about What Have You Done For Me Lately and the latest thing Charles did in golf was that shot above and he hated it. It doesn’t matter how far you’ve come, you still hate yourself in the moment. That’s golf.

His old swing is still one of the craziest things ever