Mike Trout Hit A Home Run While He And All Of His Teammates Pay Tribute To Tyler Skaggs While Wearing #45
What an unreal and touching tribute to Tyler Skaggs. The Angels announced before the game that everyone on the team would be wearing Skaggs' #45 for their first home game since they lost their brother and teammate. 45's as far as the eye can see tonight, and for sure not a dry eye in that park when Skaggs' mother came out to throw the first pitch.
Andrew Heaney, one of Skaggs' best friends caught the pitch from Debbie Skaggs and didn't give the normal handshake after a first pitch, he gave her a big old hug. Heany paid tribute to his buddy last week by throwing a looping curveball for the first pitch of his start, Skaggs' calling card. Tyler's mother was actually his pitching coach and he had talked about how they had a very close relationship. Couldn't imagine the things going through her head wearing her sons jersey and seeing everyone else on the club with it on. A terrible situation that the Angels have handled with tons of grace and class, they are wearing the patch on their uniforms, and have placed pictures of Skaggs on the outfield fence and in the locker room.
And naturally, Mike Trout just went big fly on the first pitch while wearing Skaggs' #45. Goosebump city.