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Walk The Line: My biggest factor in moving to New York turned out to be my dog

When I started looking at houses in the New York area earlier this month, I told myself I was going to spare no expense and get my family the finest house we could find. So I looked at big, expansive houses. The 5-6 bedroom type with giant backyards. It was going to cost a bundle but I’m Brandon Walker, I could afford it.

I also told myself that I was mentally prepared to give my dog up for the move. If we found a place that won’t take a dog, fine, I’ll just give her up.

Then came time to sign the papers. I saw 6 houses, all were great. But when the papers were put in front of my face, I couldn’t do it. I kept thinking about Maggie, my 10-month-old yellow lab. So I slept on it, determined to wake up the next day and sign, dog or not. Twelve hours later, I signed for a 3-bedroom, 2 bath house that would gladly accept my dog. My family will be squeezed into this place like 10 pounds of shit into a 5-pound bag, but at least we’ll have Maggie with us.


Dogs are the fucking best.

As far as the picks go, we are on a hot streak at Walk The Line. I’ve hit my last six bets, stringing together back-to-back 3-0 nights. For July, we’re converting over 70 percent of our picks. Business is good.

Pick No. 1 tonight is in Colorado. The under is where I’m leaning coming off the all-star break, as the bats will be behind the pitchers following a 5-day break. The Reds are the best under team in baseball, and Sonny Gray vs. Jon Gray is a matchup of two solid pitchers. Reds-Rockies under 12 is the pick.

Other picks:

Red Sox ML (-113) over Dodgers

Rangers-Astros under 10

Indiana Fever +3.5 over LA Sparks.