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Crazy Pre-Game Brawl At LNAH Game Results In 114 Penalty Minutes And Multi-Year Suspensions

ProHockeyTalkThere was a huge brawl before the start of a North American Hockey League (LNAH) game between the Laval Predators and St. Georges Cool-FM. That resulted in 114 penalty minutes being handed out and 10 player suspensions. On top of that, Predators CEO Lucien Paquette, assistant coach Dannick Lessard, and co-owner Eric Lajeunesse were each suspended for two years.

Ah yes. Some good ol’ fashioned Ligue Nord-Américaine de Hockey. Gotta love it. If there is anything close to being the real life version of “Slapshot”, it’s the LNAH. It’s just where goons go to be goons once they realize they can’t skate without throwing an entire roll of tape around their ankles. Here’s how the league works: You get a bunch of shit-hammered drunk *semiprofessional* hockey players together, put one jersey on half of them, another jersey on the other half, and then sit back, relax and enjoy the show. Pretty sure these French Canadians would try to beat the shit out of their own mothers if they were wearing a different colored sweater. Good fight, good night.

As far as those two-year suspensions are concerned, I don’t really see the point. Nobody died. It didn’t look like anyone tried to take their skates off to stab someone. It just looked like some good old clean fun the Ligue Nord-Américaine de Hockey.