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My Pile Sale Is Now Live - All Money Going To ALS Research

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Well I promised you guys I would eventually get around to it so here we are. The infamous pile from Barstool HQ 1.0. T-Shirts, trinkets, jackets, hats, things from Hank’s pile, things from PFT’s pile, it’s all here and we’re doing a first come first serve sale.

So step right up and see a hoarder shed his hoarding skin in real time. All money is going to ALS research, a cause I care a lot about as I lost a very close family member to the disease in January. It’s a horrible horrible thing and I hope in my lifetime we can find a cure. So take a look, some really good items in there, and buy a piece of the pile for a great cause.

Where else can you find a sale featuring a Kris Bryant signed bat, a Swansea scarf, and a dog bandana. Let’s do it.