Lil Wayne, Who's On Tour With Blink 182, Walked Off Stage Last Night After 4 Songs And Quit The Tour Because The Crowd Wasn't Big Enough

All things considered, that’s maybe the most polite way to quit a tour. When I started seeing headlines and tweets about Lil Wayne walking off stage after 4 songs and quitting the tour I was prepared for very cringeworthy videos of him throwing a temper tantrum and being like, “Do you know who the fuck I am? I’m Weezy F. Baby. Fuck you guys.” Instead, Lil Wayne was basically like, “Listen guys, I’m Lil Wayne. I’m one of the biggest and most popular rappers/musicians of all time. I’m used to performing in front of sold out arenas of screaming Weezy fans, not a bunch of emo pop punk fans who are still trying to find their seats. And because of that, I’m out. Shout out to Blink 182 though!”

This highlights the problem of having two MEGA acts touring together, one of them has to be the opener. Like Lil Wayne said, he’s used to being the main attraction and having the entire crowd already in their seats and ready to take in a Lil Wayne performance. I’m a hip hop guy so I was stunned to see Lil Wayne was the opener but then I talked to my guy Bob Fox and he made the point that Blink is and was huge in their own right. Like I said, I’m a hip hop guy so I couldn’t believe my eyes when Lil Wayne was opening for Blink 182 but I’m open to other opinions.

None of that matters though because the real point is that Lil Wayne doesn’t give a fuck that Blink 182 might’ve been bigger than him in their primes (very debatable). Lil Wayne is the biggest thing in Lil Wayne’s life and Lil Wayne wants people in their seats when Lil Wayne is performing. If that’s not the case, he’s (politely) getting the fuck outta there and leaving the tour.