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Intelligent Rapper Hospitalized After Deciding To Tattoo His Eyeballs Black


viaA recent trend in rap music has seen some musicians tattooing their eyeballs black, in a procedure which involves ‘dyeing’ the eyeball with ink. One rapper to have taken up the irreversible procedure is American rapper ‘Mace’, following in the footsteps of fellow rapper ‘Alkaline’ – who himself has had his eyeballs tattooed black. Mace, from Brooklyn, New York, was rushed to hospital after having his eye tattooed black, suffering complications from the procedure in his right eye.

Gotta be totally honest here, I appreciate the hustle. The rap game is tough, man. I know from experience, dude. If ya know what I mean. Everyone pretty much has the same sound, the same flow, the same everything. It’s hard to differentiate yourself and break out of the mix. So Mace did the only thing he could think of to gain notoriety and tattooed his eyeballs black. Because if there’s one thing that the American consumer really enjoys, it’s a fucking idiot. Listen, I don’t care how dumb you are. There’s not a single person in the world who could possibly think that tattooing your eyeball is a smart idea. But Mace weighed out the pros and cons, probably loaded up on some drug, and went for it. If someone told me that if I tattooed my eyeballs black I would no longer get “Who the fuck is Jordie?” comments on my blogs, I don’t know if I’d have the balls to do it. But Mace did, so I can’t knock him on that.

I’m sure his mixtape is very good. I very much look forward to listening to it. Oh, and sorry to ruin the story but it turns out he’s not blind yet.