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That New Sturgill Simpson Song Wasn't For A New Album, It Was For An Anime Film...Uhh What?

(Forbes)–Grammy-nominated musician Sturgill Simpson will appear on a July 20 panel at San Diego Comic-Con International 2019 to promote a new film that “merges American rock music with anime in a way never seen before.” Dubbed “Sound and Fury: Creators of Animatrix and Batman Ninja Unite for Sturgill Simpson,” the panel will feature Simpson, artist and designer Takashi Okazaki of Afro Samurai fame and Batman Ninja director Jumpei Mizusaki, with DJ and Avengers Assemble narrator Shun Ochiai moderating. They’ll share a 90-second sneak peek and discuss the project’s creation.

For fans of either music or anime, the synopsis is quite the teaser — and for the creators, it’s a smart way to broaden their audiences to people who might not otherwise come across their work. While it’s certainly not new for musicians to partner with movie makers, the prospect of a cross-cultural collaboration between different mediums means that individuals from both fan bases will have something to show up for. And in this case, with the collaboration coming from top experts in their very different fields, there’s sure to be some interesting creative choices to check out.

Sturgill Simpson’s new song from a month ago wasn’t for an album, but for some anime film?

Well now with this information the song “The Dead Don’t Die” has turned from a pretty good tune into one big giant cock tease. No new Sturgill Simpson album in sight and he’s off doing weird passion projects instead. I think everyone who follows Sturgill and his story knows he’s not your typical musician, to say the least. He’s got a crazy story, some weird ideas, and apparently some strange bed fellows when it comes to artistic projects. The anime thing isn’t a total surprise, I guess, because he spent a bunch of time in Japan when he was in the Navy. Still though…it’s been three years. I am ready for a new album. Sailor’s Guide To Earth was one of the best albums in a LONG time. The people are ready for whatever is next…musically. He’s doing Comic Con in San Diego for this anime thing. Maybe he will answer questions about a future album there. For now though we are all still waiting while he does different kinds of art including acting.

Here is the trailor for a movie he’s in later this year