Tomorrow Is The Worst Sports Night Of The Entire Year - KFC Radio Is Here To Entertain You



Not a single sporting event on tomorrow night. I’m sure ESPN will run some extreme sports shit or a WNBA game or something. But other than that, you got nothin fellas. KFC Radio will return back to its Wednesday night spot to save the day. We skipped last week to pile up good enough voicemails for a solid show. After a year straight of doing this show almost every week theres only so many times we can talk about shitting and masturbating and Would You Rather this or that without the show getting stale. So we’re trying to bring you guys quality these days. We’ll basically do a show any time we get 10 good Stoolie voicemails to work with. If that happens every week, awesome. If we need to take a few extra days, we’ll probably wait till we know we got a good show for you.

So call the hotline – 646-807-8665. Or tweet at me with your questions and comments. @KFCbarstool @KFCRadio. Best voicemails, tweets and reader emails will get answered on air.