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Please God, Let The Indians Beat The Twins Tonight


Alright folks, the love fest that was the 2019 All-Star Break is OVER. Everyone in town is still riding high from the performance we displayed on the game’s biggest stage, but there is zero time for a hangover. The Minnesota Twins come to town tonight to start a 3 game set, and maybe I’m just a prisoner of the moment, but I can’t remember a mid-season series that has had this much anticipation since…….ever? It’s been 5 days now since the Indians have had a game, and I can officially confirm, blue balls are a real thing.

You all know the story. On June 2nd, the Indians were 29-30 and the Twins were 40-18. Where were we going to send Bauer? What about Brad Hand? Is it time to get rid of Lindor? Kluber would be a good trade piece too, if he were healthy. Meanwhile, the Twins were already taking names for the playoff package waiting list. And why wouldn’t they? The Tribe were dead! But guess what……DINGGGG.


We’re baaaaaaack. Since June 2nd, the Indians are 21-8 and the Twins are 16-15. We’ve cut their lead from 11.5 games down to 5.5 in one month, and these two teams are trending in completely opposite directions. And that’s kind of interesting, really. Because if you told me before the season started that the Tribe would be down 5.5 games at the break, I would be pissed. And if you offered the Twins that big of a lead, they’d jump on it without thinking twice. But oh what a crazy drug momentum is. Because I feel like we’re on top of the world right now.

But I’m not some sort of biased, homer, dick-riding fan. The Tribe are not out of the woods yet. I’m a realist, and I 100% understand how important this weekend’s series is. Either team taking two out of three means only a one game swing in each direction. But if either team sweeps……..oh baby. The Tribe are either out of it and looking to sell a little before the July 31st deadline, or we’re balls to the wall looking to add a bat and some pitching because we have these fraudulent Twins by the nuts.

It all starts tonight. 7:10 first pitch from the corner of Carnegie and Ontario. I have a god damn wedding in Columbus this weekend, so I’m unable to attend. I’m going to leave Tito in charge, but any help down at the ballpark would be welcomed. We need this one boys. And I know our 5th starter just won the All-Star Game MVP so he’s out…and I know our Opening Day starter is out too. So who’s throwing tonight? The wild child? Oh hell yeah!

Start us off Clev, and then pass off the baton to Trevor for tomorrow. Set the tone for the 2nd half boys. The Tribe are COMING.