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Three Kids Under The Age of 10 Emptied Their Parents Bank Account Trying To Unlock Messi in FIFA '19

 Four children spent nearly £550 in three weeks buying player packs to play the Fifa football video game online on the family’s Nintendo Switch console.

The children’s father, Thomas Carter, had bought them a single pack for around £8, and had not realised they had seen how he made the purchase.

He and his wife only realised what had happened when their card was declined elsewhere because their bank account was empty.

Mr Carter said his children, who are all under the age of 10, felt very remorseful and had not understood the impact of what they were doing.

So I want so bad to blame the kids on this one, but they’re all under the age of 10 and have no sense of money whatsoever. This costly mishap falls squarely upon the shoulders of the dad that left his account unprotected by any sort of password and had no notifications set up for purchases. I mean, these kids just kept buying pack after pack after pack of players in FIFA in search of their favorite player. And like any good business, FIFA kept them coming back for more…

That’s quite the bank statement. Reminds me of when I’m in Vegas and I have to go back to the ATM ten times in a row to get out more cash. Unfortunately, that money is gone forever. Apparently this money is getting fully refunded…

Nintendo has agreed to a full refund and has removed the purchased players.

Whoa whoa whoa. How are these kids (or this dad) ever going to learn if we just fully refund them? These damn kids will be at it again next week. Well, maybe the week after. Whenever they get back their game system…


The Switch has now been confiscated “indefinitely”, Mr Carter said.

Uhhhh, ya think? My kids that I don’t even have yet got their system confiscated indefinitely, too. I hate to sound like an old man yelling at a cloud here……but back in my day, video games were $60. That’s what they cost at the store, and that’s what you paid. Then you and your buddies played them for hours and hours and hours and hours. It was a pretty good return on investment. Nowadays, video games cost you $60 at the store, then you get home and have to break out the credit card to update your characters and maps with in-game purchases. You spend more money once you already have the game! Crazy times we live in, man.